Originally from Wisconsin, Becky Chicoine is an actor, comedian, and writer living in Brooklyn.

She can currently be seen in two sketch comedy shows at the UCB Theatre in Famous Male Duo and O.S.F.U.G., and a monthly character variety show she co-hosts with SNL's Sudi Green. She is one half of the comedy group Girls With Brown Hair. They've had three running sketch shows at UCB and toured sketch festivals across the U.S. including Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.

Coming from a musical theatre background, Becky graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She's created and starred in several web series, which have been featured on Splitsider, Mashable, College Humor, and Funny or Die. Her face also appears in comedy sketches for Above Average and Refinery 29. She performed characters in the "Comedy Central Comics to Watch" and "I'm Cool" showcases at the UCB theatre. She likes your dog. 



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